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4 min readFeb 9, 2023


Give your old phone a new lease of life and greatly improve the security of your assets — without adding any utility compromises — introducing Nova Wallet’s integration with Parity Signer! 🚀

Why use Parity Signer with Nova Wallet?

📱 Simple cold storage solution optimised for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate networks!

🔐 Secure your keys — your private keys are kept offline at all times, and transactions are air-gapped!

💯 Nova Wallet’s implementation significantly increases the types of transactions that you can easily execute using Parity Signer!

♻️ Use your old phone — no need to buy any new hardware!

Parity Signer integration is a part of Nova Wallet’s on-going commitment to implementing additional security focused features.

Best in class security

Parity Signer is the simplest cold storage solution for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate-based chains such as parachains and solochains! Using Parity Signer in conjunction with Nova Wallet allows you to ensure that your private key is kept offline at all times which ensures the safety of your crypto assets, without sacrificing on your user experience! 🔐

It is very common for people to give their old phone a new lease of life by converting it into their Parity Signer device! Simply reset your old device to its factory settings, download Parity Signer, set the device to flight mode, and voila — you now have a secure hardware wallet ♻️

Transactions are carried out by scanning a series of QR codes from each of your devices! This allows you to sign transactions on your Parity Signer device without needing to connect it to the internet, ensuring that your private key is never compromised! 🕵️

Visit our Wiki to learn more about typical Parity Signer operations! 📚

No Compromises

Using Nova Wallet in conjunction with Parity Signer means you get the best of both worlds — the premium and elegant interface of Nova Wallet — with the added security of the Parity Signer cold wallet. The security provided by Parity Signer helps prevent you from being the victim of common security issues when, for example, connecting to malicious WiFi access points, or plugging your phone into a malicious charging point.

Nova Wallet greatly expands the types of operations that can be performed by Parity Signer accounts, as well as some other amazing Parity Signer focused features developed by the Nova Wallet team:

📱 Parity Signer can be used with all Polkadot DApps

⛓️ Parity Signer can now be used with 61+ networks

📊 Premium multichain asset management experience with access to over 198 assets

🔀 Access to over 210 cross-chain transfer options

🚀 Crowdloan contribution capability

🥞 Support for staking 9+ tokens including DOT, KSM, GLMR, MOVR, and AZERO

🗳️ Support for Governance v1 and OpenGov

🖼️ NFT Management

Easily update your Parity Signer

We have created a metadata portal which allows you to update your Parity Signer with the latest blockchain metadata whilst staying offline! Updates are done by scanning an animated QR code, this keeps your device air-gapped and secure! 🆕

What’s Next?

The Nova Wallet team is working very closely with the Parity Signer team to add Ethereum cryptography capabilities to Parity Signer! This will allow Parity Signer to be used for EVM networks such as Moonbeam and Moonriver!

About Nova Wallet

Nova Wallet is a next-gen iOS/Android application for the Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, which provides the ultimate mobile wallet experience! Supporting over 60+ networks and assets, NFTs, extensive DApp support (for both Substrate & EVM), Crowdloans, and staking of assets including DOT, KSM, GLMR, MOVR, AZERO, PDEX, CAPS, TUR, KMA, and ZTG! Nova Wallet is a community-orientated app which is funded by the Kusama Treasury, and we aim to provide a convenient, fast, and secure wallet experience on mobile devices.

As well as our commitment to implementing security focused features to Nova Wallet, we also are committed to adding the best community requested features into our app! Leave your feature suggestions on our Canny page, and one day they may be added to Nova Wallet! 🔮

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About Parity Signer

Parity Signer is developed by Parity Technologies.

Parity Signer turns your iOS or Android device into a dedicated hardware wallet for Polkadot, Kusama, and other Substrate-based chains. Your private keys are kept secure offline at all times and transactions are signed in an air-gapped way via QR-codes.

Important: Parity Signer is still in beta pending a full audit.

Be sure to backup your private keys; the safety of funds cannot be guaranteed.

Learn more about Parity Signer.



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