Nova Wallet will receive a grant from the Moonbeam Foundation to implement MOVR and GLMR features in its mobile app

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2 min readNov 4, 2021
Nova Wallet: Moonbeam Grant 1 — Moonbeam crowdloan, Staking MOVR and GLMR, Cross-chain operations

We are happy to announce that the Moonbeam Foundation has approved the grant for the Nova team to implement the following features in the Nova Wallet:

  • Support of Moonbeam crowdloan
  • Staking of $MOVR and $GLMR tokens
  • Cross-chain transfers between Moonbeam/Moonriver networks and other parachains in the ecosystem

We are excited to bring another decentralized way for users to contribute to the Moonbeam crowdloan through the Nova mobile app, as well as to bring staking of MOVR/GLMR & cross-chain features forged in the form of a convenient mobile app.

At Nova Foundation, our goal is to build high-quality client apps for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. Nova Wallet aims to be a community-oriented mobile application in the ecosystem, so we are focused on providing as many features as we can, without any limitations/restrictions to our users.

About Moonbeam Foundation

The Moonbeam Foundation is dedicated to promoting the development, growth, and adoption of Moonbeam and its ecosystem.
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