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Nova Wallet release announcement - Multi-asset app for Polkadot, native Crowdloans, convenient Staking experience

Nova Wallet
8 min readOct 31, 2021


Nova Wallet — next gen app for Polkadot ecosystem

We are excited to announce that we are finishing the development of our first release of Nova Wallet — next gen application for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, transparent & community-oriented, focused on convenient UX/UI, fast performance & security.

After our transition (read more: link), we have been working on delivering what our team promised to the Kusama community — the Polkadot multi-asset apps for iOS & Android devices. In addition to that, we have been communicating with parachain teams to deliver the support of their crowdloans on Polkadot, so that Nova users can contribute to them with all bonuses & with no exceptions.

We have pushed the Android app to Google Play on the 27th of October & now waiting for Google engineers to finish the review. As for the iOS version we are still applying finishing touches, so we expect to push the release to AppStore in early November.

Update 24.05.22 — both apps are available:
🚀 Android app:
🍎 iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/app/nova-polkadot-kusama-wallet/id1597119355

That’s being said, let’s dive into what to expect from the first Nova Wallet release! 🎉

🌌 Multi-asset support: Manage all tokens in one place

Nova Wallet mockups: Manage assets screen, New Wallet screen with multi-asset feature, Asset details screen

For the last 3 months, our team has been focusing on designing architecture & developing support for new networks. The results are outstanding — Nova Wallet can connect to any network from Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, allowing Nova users to see their balances, send & receive these tokens.

On the release, Nova Wallet is going to support the following tokens (other tokens soon to be supported):
- Polkadot ($DOT)
- Kusama ($KSM)
- Moonriver ($MOVR)
- Moonbeam ($GLMR)
- Karura ($KAR)
- Acala ($ACA)
- Shiden ($SDN)
- Astar ($ASTR)
- Phala, Khala ($PHA)
- KILT, KILT Spiritnet ($KILT)
- Bifrost ($BNC)
- Calamari ($KMA)

New networks in Nova Wallet can be added easily “on the fly”! 🎉

One of the unique features which our team has developed for Nova Wallet is the dynamic support of new networks — Nova users don’t need to update their app to get a new network & token supported — it will automatically appear on the Wallet and other corresponding screens in the app!

🙌 Crowdloans: All of them are supported!

Nova Wallet mockups: New Crowdloan screen, Moonbeam Crowdloan, Direct/Liquid contribution to Acala crowdloan

In addition to the new UI for Crowdloans to match Nova branding, we are bringing the support of Moonbeam crowdloan to the Nova Wallet — we have been working together with the Moonbeam team designing & implementing a solution for decentralized contribution to their crowdloan.

Many crowdloans contain referral bonuses, and Nova Wallet aims to support as many of them as we can — we are planning to add Acala & Astar crowdloan referral codes, as well as bring support of liquid contribution to Acala crowdloan.

Worth mentioning that now Nova users are able to see crowdloan rewards when they will import Kusama account to the app which was used for crowdloan contributions — all tokens are now displayed on the Wallet screen!

Nova Wallet uses the native approach to contribute to Polkadot & Kusama crowdloans, meaning that Nova users will have access to all crowdloans as soon as they are appearing on the Polkadot & Kusama themselves, with no delays.

🥞 Staking: Convenient solution for DOT & KSM, more tokens to stake soon to come

Nova Wallet mockups: Staking MOVR welcome screen, Active KSM staking

In our first release, we keep the Staking module the same, which allows Nova users to stake DOT & KSM tokens as conveniently as possible to stake decentralized in the mobile app.

As for the new Staking features, we are working with several ecosystem networks to bring Staking of their tokens (such as MOVR & GLMR) to the Nova Wallet.

We are also willing to improve overall staking features, such as Recommended Validators algorithm (to use historical data of Validators to form better recommendations) & improvements to the UX/UI of staking based on the feedback that we have received in the past.

Staking analytics was one of the planned features to be released, however, there are still risks that the existing infrastructure of data providers wouldn’t handle the required load, so we will continue to work on the improvements together with the SubQuery team.

✨Wallets: A completely new way for managing your accounts

Nova Wallet mockups: Screen with all user’s wallets, Wallet details with available accounts, Change account action.

With Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem growing by launching more and more parachains, there is a need for a way of accessing these networks conveniently.

So what’s a “Wallet” in terms of account management in Nova? The wallet is a set of accounts, think of it as a physical cardholder and each card represents an account in a certain network. By default, Nova Wallet will generate accounts in the wallet using the same secret provided by the user (mnemonic phrase/seed/Restore JSON), and the user will be able to customize each of the accounts inside the wallet.

Users can have as many Wallets inside Nova as they want, and they can customize them in a way they wish by changing certain accounts, organizing their Wallets as convenient sets! We are eager to know from the community members what would be the experience of using such an approach & how we can improve that, but we have tested this solution internally and all of us are huge fans of it!

Finally, wallets & accounts in Nova Wallet are fully compatible with other apps in the ecosystem (e.g. Polkadot JS, Polkawallet, etc), meaning that users can freely import/export them between the apps & even use the same accounts in different apps simultaneously — there are no limits to that, thanks to the beauty of decentralization & blockchain.

⛳What’s next? New features, funding, collaborations

At Nova Foundation, our goal is to build high-quality client apps for the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. Nova Wallet aims to be a community-oriented mobile application in the ecosystem, so we are focused on providing as many features as we can without any limitations or restrictions to our users.

Nova Wallet roadmap — DApps, NFT, Governance, Cold Wallets & more! ⛳

After our first release of Nova Wallet, we are planning to continue expanding the functionality of the app for the community:

  • For feature-based milestones, we are going to create proposals to Kusama Treasury. We are expecting to focus next on the DApp browser, NFTs, Governance & Cold Wallets integration
  • For parachain-specific features, we are going to discuss with each parachain individually about collaborating on developing them in Nova Wallet
  • For a common-good solution in the ecosystem in a form of our open source libraries for Substrate mobile iOS/Android development, we are eager to ask for funding in a form of a W3F maintenance grant or as part of our proposals to the Kusama Treasury

Worth mentioning that we are planning to expand our product portfolio this year by creating a new product in the Polkadot ecosystem, so stay tuned for the announcements!

❗ Clarification about our transition from FW to Nova Wallet, and creating Nova Foundation company

No drama needed — let’s build together high-quality apps & a wholesome community! ✨

There are lots of rumors & misinformation about our transition. We are willing to clarify certain points, carefully avoiding NDA disclosure, but to protect ourselves from the negativity which was spread by certain people:

  • The whole team which was responsible for the design of UX/UI in the mobile app (excluding FW brand), system architecture design of mobile app, implementation & testing has migrated to Nova Foundation to continue to work on Nova Wallet. This can be verified by analyzing open source repos on GitHub (code) & public Figma projects (app mockups).
  • We are able to continue developing the code which we designed & implemented due to the fact that our work was committed to open source repositories under Apache 2.0 license (link). Anyone in the world can take our code as the base and launch the app on their own, that’s the beauty of the open-source world — to focus on delivering improvements to the world, not the restrictions.
  • The transition itself happened due to a different vision on developing a mobile app in Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem. Our goal is to build Nova Wallet as high quality, unbiased, and community-oriented mobile app without any restrictions to the users.
  • During the transition, the Nova team helped to onboard the new FW team. Nova team transferred all resources to the new FW team & helped to come up with a fix for the FW in production (new metadata format support).
  • All our work for the Multi-asset proposal (link) was pushed to FW GitHub open source repositories on the day we migrated, thus both Nova and FW team had the same codebase before the transition happened. For the last 3 weeks, we have been working self-funded on finishing the work in this direction to deliver results as we promised to the Kusama community

We would like to emphasize that from our side we have put all efforts that we could to make the transition happen as seamlessly as possible. We don’t want to continue any drama which other party started, and instead, we would like to cooperate on creating high-quality apps in the ecosystem.

And we would like to appreciate many community members who are supporting us no matter what misinformation is being spread — you are awesome 💖! From our side, we are promising to do what we can best — to deliver high-quality apps for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem.

Join the Nova Wallet community:

Website: https://novawallet.io
Telegram group: https://t.me/novawallet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NovaWalletApp
GitHub: https://github.com/nova-wallet
Element: https://matrix.to/#/#nova-wallet:matrix.org

Download links:
🚀 Android app:
🍎 iOS app: https://apps.apple.com/app/nova-polkadot-kusama-wallet/id1597119355

Feel free to join the Nova community! 💖



Nova Wallet

Next gen application for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, transparent & community-oriented, focused on convenient UX/UI, fast performance & security.