Nova Wallet is now the best app for Polkadot Staking – and the timing is perfect!

Nova Wallet
5 min readOct 19, 2023


Nova Wallet’s Super Simple 2-in-1 Staking makes staking DOT easier than ever before! Nova Wallet ensures that you always get the maximum staking rewards and is one of the most secure wallets in the Polkadot ecosystem!

Simply choose the token you want to stake, enter the amount of tokens, and you’re now receiving the maximum possible staking rewards!

Super Simple Staking 🥞

Nova Wallet’s 2-in-1 staking makes it the best wallet for staking your DOT tokens!

Staking doesn’t need to be difficult! Nova Wallet takes away all the complexities of staking and gives you the easiest possible staking experience!

Should I stake in a Nomination Pool? How about Direct Staking? Which Validators should I choose? These questions are a thing of the past thanks to Nova Wallet’s Super Simple 2-in-1 Staking system. Nova Wallet now ensures that you start your staking journey the best possible way!

Simply input the amount of tokens that you want to stake and Nova Wallet’s Super Simple 2-in-1 Staking does all of the leg work for you, making sure that you start staking your DOT in the most beneficial way for you!

Maximum Rewards with no Added Fees ✨

Get the most out of your DOT — when you stake your DOT tokens using Nova Wallet you always receive the maximum possible staking rewards. There are no additional fees or any commissions to be paid — ensuring that you receive the highest possible staking rewards!

When you stake DOT using Nova Wallet you are directly interacting with the Polkadot blockchain and you only pay the transaction fees that are set by the network!

No added fees and no commissions mean that you get maximized staking rewards — currently up to 19% — exactly how it should be!

Best in Class Security! 🔐

The number one rule of web3 — not your keys, not your tokens!

When you use Nova Wallet you and you alone remain in control of all of your assets! This exact same principle applies when you stake your tokens using Nova Wallet — there is no middleman who holds your tokens which can go bust or steal your tokens — this is the safest form of staking!

We have made a strong commitment to user privacy — because of this we do not collect or track any of your user data! This ensures that everything you do within Nova Wallet remains private and we cannot sell your data to any third party for a quick buck!

We are strong supporters of open source software and are proud that Nova Wallet is fully open sourced! On top of that Nova Wallet does not use any middleware to distribute new updates of the app. New updates are sent directly to the App / Play store; there is no chance for the middleware providers to add malicious code to updates of Nova Wallet.

The Best Wallet for both Newcomers and Pros! 💖

Nova Wallet is the best wallet for everyone!

For newcomers we have added everything you need to know about staking on one screen – Nova Wallet provides you with all the key information about staking each token before you get started so that there are no surprises for you!

How many tokens do I need to start staking? How long is the unstaking period? How often do I get rewards? Can I use staked tokens in governance? All of these questions are answered on a single screen right before you begin your staking journey!

For more advanced users it is of course always possible to customize your staking experience such as nominating specific Validators or Pools at any time!

We even have some special features for Validators! You can add your Validator account into Nova Wallet and quickly manage your Validator’s key operations!

Stay tuned for more pro user updates such as Multisig and Proxy account management directly from Nova Wallet! Allowing you to utilize more sophisticated account management setups on the go!

Multitasking Dashboard

Nova Wallet is a truly multichain application! Our Multistaking Dashboard allows you to see all of your staking positions from a single screen!

Using Nova Wallet you can stake all of your favorite tokens including Polkadot DOT, Kusama KSM, AlephZero AZERO, Moonbeam GLMR, Moonriver MOVR, Calamari KMA, Polkadex PDEX, Ternoa CAPS, Turing TUR, Zeitgeist ZTG and more!

At a glance you can see all the information about each of your staking positions for tons of networks including:

  1. The status of your stake — is it active or not?
  2. The amount of tokens you have staked
  3. The estimated rewards per year
  4. The total rewards that you have earned

Nova Wallet gives you the ultimate multichain experience on Polkadot!

Nova Wallet is now the best app for Polkadot Staking and the timing is perfect!

Nova Wallet is now the best app for staking DOT tokens thanks to all of your support on our recent 4th Polkadot Treasury Proposal. Our new Super Simple 2-in-1 Staking feature provides the absolute best staking experience for everyone!

The timing is perfect! On approximately 24th October over 99 million DOT tokens will be returned from the first batch of Polkadot parachain crowdloans! Using Nova Wallet everyone can now stake their DOT in seconds — getting the most out of their DOT with maximized staking rewards!

About Nova Wallet

Nova Wallet is a next-gen iOS/Android application for the Polkadot ecosystem, which provides the ultimate mobile wallet experience! Supporting 81+ networks and 168+ assets, governance, DApp support (for both Substrate and EVM), Hardware Wallet support for Ledger and Polkadot Vault, NFTs, Crowdloans and staking of assets including DOT, KSM, AZERO, GLMR, MOVR, KMA, PDEX, CAPS, TUR, ZTG and more! Nova Wallet is an open source and community-oriented app which is funded by the Polkadot Treasury and is the leading mobile wallet in the Polkadot ecosystem providing a fast, convenient and secure wallet experience for mobile! Developed by Novasama Technologies.

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Nova Wallet

Next gen application for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, transparent & community-oriented, focused on convenient UX/UI, fast performance & security.