Get early access version of iOS Nova Wallet while AppStore version in the review

  • Get access to the Nova Wallet iOS version via Firebase (distribution platform of iOS/Android apps), available via the link:
  • Once you enrolled, expect to receive Nova Wallet iOS build on your email shortly (we will distribute releases every 2–16 hours)
  • There are only 80 slots that we can distribute in this way (Firebase limitation), so we expect truly loyal Nova supporters to acquire that while waiting for the AppStore version
  • Never share your mnemonic/seed/restore JSON with anyone, the Nova team will never ask for it. Always keep your mnemonic/seed/restore JSON privately and safely!
  • AppStore version is still under review, the app was submitted on the 7th of November
  • We are experiencing longer review time due to the KYB (know your business) process in AppStore — Apple recently introduced more strict rules for the blockchain apps, thus we are satisfying their requests now
Get access to all your assets on Polkadot and Kusama, crowdloans & staking with no limits 🚀

Get early access version of iOS Nova Wallet now 💖

AppStore review status ⏳

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Nova Wallet

Nova Wallet


Next gen application for Polkadot & Kusama ecosystem, transparent & community-oriented, focused on convenient UX/UI, fast performance & security.